We are an exciting American school in Dubai with so much to offer your child

Why Choose Us

As a member of the International Schools Partnership (ISP), NIS Dubai is dedicated to igniting the torch of learning in every child. Our curriculum ignites curiosity and leadership on a global stage. By promoting students’ interests, we develop curious, knowledgeable, self-aware citizens who have the integrity and drive to build a better world.

We offer an affordable, quality international American curriculum

NIS teaches an American curriculum and follows the American Education Reaches Out (AERO) Common Core Plus program, which provides a framework for curriculum consistency across grades KG-12 in alignment with research-based trends and ongoing developments within this curriculum worldwide and in the USA. AERO is supported by the U.S State Department’s Office of Overseas Schools and the Overseas Schools Advisory Council.

We offer Advanced Placement courses

Colleges and universities welcome students that studied Advanced Placement courses and who demonstrate a strong commitment to learning and self-development.

We are one of a few American curriculum mid-market schools in Dubai offering Advanced Placement(AP) courses in English Language and Composition, Statistics, Calculus AB, Biology, Chemistry, Physics 1 AB, Environmental Science, Macroeconomics, and Psychology. The school also offers a breadth of top level elective courses (from Grade 9 to 12).

We are part of a global group of schools

We are proud to be part of International Schools Partnership (iSP), a global community of 80+ schools across 22 countries with a shared purpose of growing the world’s most curious, confident minds.

We champion a transformative approach to learning that goes beyond the classroom.

By igniting our students’ curiosity and growing their self-confidence, our students thrive throughout their time at school and beyond.

We are a NEASC accredited international school

NIS is one of only a few American Curriculum international schools in Dubai to be awarded the NEASC accreditation, a globally recognized standard of excellence through which students are accepted to the best international universities.

NEASC works with schools to establish and maintain high standards for all levels of education. Colleges and employers look more favorably upon students who have come from a NEASC-accredited school.

We are a member of National Honor Society

Internationally recognized National Honor Society (NHS) membership is an invitation-only honor that recognizes outstanding students’ academic accomplishments and their community engagement. More than one million students participate in The National Honor Society (NHS) activities in all 50 USA states, Canada, and throughout the world.

Amazing learning is central to everything we do

You will see learning that will amaze you. Wherever you think your child might be in any subject or area, we will assure you that they will do better than you can ever imagine possible.

We are a truly international school in Dubai

Students from over 84 different nationalities attend NIS, creating a diverse atmosphere to nurture multi-cultural understanding, learning, and personal growth.

We have some of the best facilities of any school in Dubai

Our sports field is one of the best in Dubai, with real, well-maintained grass and lighting to enable extended use for both students and the surrounding communities.

Situated alongside the Green Community in Dubai Investment Park, NIS students also enjoy vast green outdoor spaces, a large multipurpose gymnasium, a tennis court, a dance studio, an indoor heated swimming pool, a separate training pool for KG children, science and computer labs, a specialist art and music room, and comprehensive libraries of academic resources.

See our Campus & Facilities section for more information.

Our teachers are highly experienced and passionate about education

NIS’s foundation rests on quality teachers, all of whom are dedicated to providing an exceptional education for every child. NIS teachers are subject-matter experts with high expectations, and they guide students down the path of becoming confident, ambitious learners.

Through excellent recruitment, we employ brilliant teachers with that extra ‘something’, resulting in low teacher turnover, well below the average for Dubai.

Our early years department provides an inspiring start

By balancing learning of the basics with inquiry-based learning, we apply the best of early years research to ensure the best start for our youngest children. Our innovative approach to early childhood education values the child as strong, capable and resilient, rich with wonder and knowledge. The KHDA has rated many aspects of our Kindergarten program as ‘Very Good’.

Well-being and happiness are a priority and our children feel safe, valued, happy and successful.

We believe children learn best when they’re happy and secure in a stimulating and nurturing environment. The NIS community cares about each other and intrinsically wants to influence for the better.

We embrace the individuality of every child. The NIS Inclusion Center for Academic Needs (iCAN) provides extensive learning support for gifted children and children of determination (special needs).

Some of our students have been with us since the school opened. What parents and children say most about NIS is that we really care about our students. In the most recent KHDA Well-being Survey, NIS scored very high.

Our Information and Communications Technology (ICT) offerings are among the best in Dubai, and we are also a Google For Education school

We are constantly investing in new technology to enhance our teaching and learning. The school has a computer laboratory with internet and multi-media facilities, 3D printing equipment, 75-inch interactive screens, and access to Chromebooks and iPads for classroom use.

From the start of the 2019-20 academic year, we are one of the few Google For Education schools in Dubai.

We provide unique opportunities for our high school students

The NIS curriculum challenges students at high levels to prepare them for the College Boards Advanced Placement (AP) program.

As part of the International Schools Partnership (ISP), our high school students (aged 12-18 years) are also presented with enrichment opportunities to participate in events such as the Model United Nations, the Global Future Leaders Conference, and the Buddy Exchange Programme.

Career, college, and social/emotional counseling services have also been significantly expanded at NIS, and we will continue to open as many doors as possible for our Grade 12 students.

We offer a wide range of enrichment activities

NIS provides a wide range of extra-curricular activities to help students cultivate individual interests and talents, and develop their social skills.

International enrichment trips provide your child with opportunities to explore a diversity of cultures and develop cultural sensitivity and awareness.

You will always know how well your child is progressing at NIS

We have adopted some of the best technologies, methodologies and tests for tracking student progress:

  • Engage – This program allows parents and students to access student records including grades, discipline attendance and additional information so that the parent is always just ‘one click’ away from accessing your childs growth and development on your PC or phone.
  • Classroom Monitor – A student progress tracking system, which enables you to know exactly where your child is against every single one of the US standards, at any one time.
  • 2Simple – An application which enables us to create online portfolios of early years children’s progress.
  • International Benchmark Tests – These tests enable us to compare student performance internationally, between grades and over time. Detailed reports provide information about a student’s strengths and areas of improvement in all subjects.
  • MAP Skills – This program gives parents and students an opportunity to see and develop their strengths and weaknesses in English, Math and Science. This program has demonstrated remarkable growth for our students.