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Grade LevelsAnnual Fee*1st Installment2nd Installment3rd Installment4th Installment
Due ByAnnual FeeUpon confirmation14th June15th December15th March
KG1 & KG222,3642,2004,4007,8007,964
Grades 1-3

Grades 4-631,1173,1006,20010,80011,017
Grades 7-937,6153,7007,50013,10013,315
Grade 10-1244,4544,4008,80015,50015,754

Application Fee – AED 500

Non-refundable, due before new students attend the Admissions Meeting.

Registration Fee (New Students)

10% of the annual tuition fees due on confirmation (1st installment in the table above)

Non-refundable, payable within 10 days of receiving the offer.

The remaining installments should be provided as postdated cheques during registration.

Re-enrollment Fees (Current Students)

1st installment payable upon confirmation.

Sibling Discounts

At Nibras International School, we believe in community and so encourage families to consider sending all their children to NIS. Families with two or more children receive a sibling discount: 10% discount for the youngest and 5% for the 2nd youngest. This discount is applicable only on the tuition fees. For more details please contact accounts@nisdubai.ae .

School Uniform

All students are required to wear school uniform and sports kit. This is not included in the tuition fees, and you can purchase the uniform from our uniform partner Trutex, who have a shop at the school campus.

Extra-curricular Activities (ECAs) and Educational Visits

The majority of ECAs and visits are included in the tuition fees. ECAs offered by external suppliers and some optional educational visits will incur separate fees, which will be clearly advertised.