All our elementary school children experience Amazing Learning


The Amazing Learning taking place in the NIS Elementary department provides a solid foundation for our excellent Elementary School teachers to build upon.

Our curriculum

The AERO Standards and the International Primary Curriculum promote an inquiry-based approach to learning, where the rigor of the standards is taught in an integrated way. Subject-specific skills, knowledge and concepts are taught but then they are learnt and applied in meaningful contexts that excite and motivate children to take risks with their learning and really push themselves to make the best possible progress.

Bringing learning to life

Our teachers equip learners for life: at NIS, we connect students’ learning with the outside world so they can develop a sense of self-worth, an ability to engage with and think critically about the world around them, and celebrate its diversity.

For example, our Grade 3 students follow ‘Footprints from the Past’ and find themselves in a world surrounded by dinosaurs. Grade 4 students investigate ‘Chocolate’ by researching its history, manufacturing process, and understanding how it reaches the consumer. Meanwhile, our Grade 5 children go on a ‘Mission to Mars’ to investigate what it might be like to live on another planet!

Our monitoring and assessment process enables us to track and monitor student attainment and progress across the school and provides accurate information to parents in a consistent and accessible way.

Our teachers believe in the power of reading. They use a variety of classroom activities and resources to encourage children to explore books through drama, role play and illustration. This encourages the children to think and talk in-depth about the books they read, and to read them intensively, which in turn provides inspiration for their own creative writing, subsequently raising standards.

Mathematics in our modern world is so much more than just calculations. At NIS, we ensure our children adopt a flexible approach to problem solving, which is underpinned by a rigorous approach to learning the basic skills.

We have some of the best learning facilities in Dubai in the NIS Elementary School:

  • Digital learning through Google For Education ensures our students are able to use modern technologies like a variety of multi-media facilities, 75-inch interactive screens, and Chromebooks and iPads for use across the curriculum.
  • We have two well stocked libraries, a practical science and technology laboratory, a large multi-purpose gymnasium, an indoor heated swimming pool, a shaded outdoor auditorium, and an indoor performance studio.
  • The children also enjoy large age-appropriate outdoor learning and play areas, with a real-grass sports field and a garden area to grow their own fruits and vegetables.

Learning beyond the classroom

We provide a wide range of extra-curricular activities and field trips. These experiences provide children with a lifetime of wonderful memories and help them develop self-reliance, teamwork skills, and the confidence to overcome new challenges.