NIS libraries ensure our students and staff have access to a wide range of materials – from informative, historical to fun ones! Two well-stocked libraries, one for Elementary School students and one for Middle and High School students, contain not just physical books (in English, Arabic and French) but digital resources, eBooks, and more.

Our professional librarians completed the re-categorization of every book according to the genre rather than the author, to ensure students will be able to easily find books that they want to read.

Additionally, to allow our students, teachers, and parents to search for different books we have available in the library and discover new titles, we use the Destiny Discover searchable database, which is available on Engage – our internal portal for students and parents. It is a system for searching the available books we have in our library collection, that even shows you the shelf location of a book and whether it is available to be checked out or not.

Elementary Library

Reading supports the development of skills of our young students, in academic, as well as in personal lives. We aim to nurture a love for reading from a young age through programs like ‘Reading aloud’,  which has our academic staff visiting classrooms and reading selected books, as well as meeting their older reading buddies in the library.

Our Elementary Library is full of titles that aim to spark students’ imagination, inspire them to learn more, and guide them in discovering the world around them. Decorated with colorful posters of book characters and fun beanbags, it offers over 5,500 physical books, along with various magazines and interactive picture books.

Middle and High School Library

The Middle and High School Library is a central resource for our student’s research-based projects and tasks. Students are encouraged to develop their skills of analysis, finding the relevant information, as well as develop skills in managing and evaluating resources. The library aims to prepare students for real-life challenges by learning to handle materials and resources, as well as to nurture curiosity and thirst for knowledge.

The Middle and High School library is a spacious and bright space with tables and chairs for studying, as well as comfortable sofas for reading, that invites students to find their place and dive into the reading materials. The Library has over 8,000 physical books in the fiction and nonfiction genre, and it offers various online resources, eBooks, and magazines.