We are part of a global group of schools

International Schools Partnership (“iSP”)

We are proud to be part of International Schools Partnership (iSP), a global community of 80+ schools across 22 countries with a shared purpose of growing the world’s most curious, confident minds.

We champion a transformative approach to learning that goes beyond the classroom.

By igniting our students’ curiosity and growing their self-confidence, our students thrive throughout their time at school and beyond.

The ISP difference for students

Academic Achievement

Every iSP student receives a personalised learning experience to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding so they can get continuously better.

Skills for life

Our students learn the essential life skills that equip them to thrive not only in their academic journeys but also in their future careers and personal lives.


Our students develop proficiency in at least one world language, while continuing to be supported in their home or first languages.

International opportunities

Through our international co-curricular activities, students nurture lifelong skills such as critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership, preparing them to excel.

Life and career pathways

Our bespoke university and careers-related programme helps students to make informed choices about their future.

The iSP difference for schools

The iSP way of learning means our schools are always improving what they do.

The Learning Improvement Process (LIP)

The LIP is our unique evidence-based framework that guides every school to self-evaluate and improve. It is powerful because it’s built into everything we do.

Our schools use this unique evidence-based framework to assess their impact on students’ learning. Is the learning atmosphere inspiring students to learn? Is the improvement planning transparent and collaborative?

With insight on nine learning criteria, each school can take action to improve both student and professional learning.

We designed the LIP based on our Learning and Innovation team’s extensive educational experience and in-depth research on school leadership and improvement. By supporting every school and learner to continuously get better, our whole community thrives.

The iSP difference for educators

Teacher professional development

Teachers are the number one factor affecting student learning.
When our teachers are at their best, our students perform at their best.

We want our colleagues to feel confident, valued and supported to continuously improve. That is why we invest time, support and resources in upskilling iSP people. All iSP teachers and school leaders have access to extensive accredited training and professional development opportunities. It means our teachers are always following best practices.

iSP professional development includes:

  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) accredited leadership programmes.
  • Over 80 courses available for everyone in our community on our online learning platform, The Learning Hub.
  • Growth and development opportunities such as mentoring, coaching, and mobility routes between iSP schools and regions.
  • Volunteering with of our charity partners, like Street Child United.
“We want all our children and students to achieve all they possibly can during their time at school. Our unique learning-focused approach helps us to ensure that we can make that happen.”
Steve Brown
Steve Brown
Group CEO, ISP
“Like all of ISP’s schools around the world, here at NIS Dubai we want the levels of learning our students reach to truly amaze them and their parents. It’s what our school is for. Quite simply, we measure our success by the success of our students.”
Emily Porter
Emily Porter
Group Chief Education and Innovation Officer, ISP
“The International Schools Partnership is a well-balanced team of educationalists and commercial operators who understand the importance of maintaining and building educational standards across a group of schools whilst also advancing innovative ideas to stay up to speed with the changing demands of the educational landscape.”
Bharat Mansukhani
Bharat Mansukhani
Divisional CEO – Middle East & Europe, ISP