The NIS Kindergarten curriculum provides challenging and professionally-validated standards with specific learning goals for every area of learning, without losing sight of this unique stage of a child’s development.

Our unique approach:

  • Develops children to be open-minded, to understand and appreciate their own culture, whilst being open to the perspectives, values and traditions of others.
  • Encourages personal and independent learning which allows them to explore what they enjoy.
  • Challenges children with ideas and concepts, encouraging them to ask questions and develop their critical thinking skills.

KG children’s attainment and progress are regularly evaluated with internal and external benchmark assessments for reading using Raz-Plus and math. Learning is constantly evaluated to check progress, and to ensure there are never any lost opportunities for learning we use the Engage and Seesaw e-portfolios.

“By balancing learning of the basics with inquiry-based learning, we apply the best of kindergarten research to ensure the best start for our youngest children. Our innovative approach to early childhood education values the child as strong, capable and resilient, rich with wonder and knowledge.”

KG English and Math Program

We specialize in providing a highly effective program to develop children’s early English and mathematical skills. Our ‘Letters and Sounds’ phonics and strong literacy programs, ensure every child benefits from individualized learning of sounds, which then improves their reading fluency and understanding of language. Our everyday storytime, guided reading, and ‘Talk for Writing’ programs trigger children’s imagination and nurture a love of reading. All our children experience early success in reading, writing, and spelling.

Our math program is supported by various types of hands-on resources including Numicon. Numicon is a multi-sensory approach to enhancing children’s achievement across all mathematics ability levels. Every class has a full Numicon set and additional math resources to assist children to mathematically reason through the use of tangible objects. Our skilled teachers use Numicon and a variety of hands-on resources to develop children’s mathematical skills.

KG Facilities

Each classroom has dedicated centers covering the key areas of young children’s development, whilst drawing on the children’s interests. Teachers encourage children’s active engagement through an inquiry approach designed to promote dialogue and critical thinking. Our learning areas offer a creative and supportive environment in which young children play and learn together.

Our outdoor facilities are superb with a huge grass playing field and dedicated outdoor learning areas. The KG pool encourages water confidence and early water safety skills. We have KG/lower elementary library where children love visiting their library to choose books and meet with their older reading buddies.