NIS is an American Curriculum co-educational school for children aged from 4 to 14. The Academic Year runs from September to June or July, but children can be admitted to school during the course of the academic year, subject to a place being available and to KHDA rules and regulations.  We welcome children of all nationalities, backgrounds and religions.  We have a non-discriminatory approach and celebrate the diversity of Dubai and we are committed to the UAE vision.


Admissions Policy

This policy sets out the requirements for admissions in line with KHDA Regulations. It ensures that Nibras International School (NIS) take a fair and non-discriminatory approach to the enrollment of students, in support of a diverse and inclusive school community.


Siblings of current students are given priority if the year group is at capacity. We offer sibling discounts of 5% for the oldest child and 10% for the youngest child.

Applications for Upcoming Academic Year

Applications for the following academic year may be submitted at any time. Admissions meetings begin in November of its Academic year and take place daily. Find out how to apply now, and the admissions team will respond to your application within 2 working days.

Accepting an Offer & Registration

Once a place is offered we request that you accept and complete registration within 7 days. Our Registrar will ensure all information and documents required are complete before your payment is made with our finance office. All parents will be requested to sign the KHDA Parent Contract online using the child’s original Emirates ID, in line with KHDA policy. Your child’s place at the school can only be confirmed once this process is complete.

Placement of Students After Enrollment

NIS places students in the correct grade in accordance with their age on 31 December, per KHDA policy found HERE. To maintain equality and diversity in our classes, and to allow students to better support each other’s academic and social development, we place children in class by considering nationality, language ability, gender, and additional learning needs.

Class Sizes

Class sizes will not exceed 25 students in KG and will not exceed 30 in Elementary, Middle and High School.

English Language instruction

NIS delivers an American curriculum (AERO) to students in English. Language proficiency in KG is not used as a criterion for admissions. In Elementary, Middle and High School, English language proficiency is assessed to ensure students can access the curriculum and progress to the best of their ability. A child whose first language is not English will be admitted to school, if the child is successful in the assessment and it is felt that he/she is able to access the curriculums and make academic progress.  Parents are required to inform the school at the time of the application of all languages spoken by their child at home.

Admissions Testing

A selection of admissions tests will be administered to each student.  These tests help the school to determine the best placement for each student, any learning needs or if the school has the ability to meet the individual needs of the student.

Additional Learning Requirements

NIS is an inclusive school, for gifted students and those with additional educational needs.  The school has an inclusion department, SEND, to meet the needs of both children requiring learning support as well as those children identified as having high learning potential.

We provide differentiation and additional learning support based on the student’s needs and academic levels.

Parents should inform the school at the application stage regarding any additional learning support requirements for their child. We may request copies of external documents such as professional assessments, individual learning plans, and one-to-one learning requirements.  This information is important and necessary for the school to determine what specific accommodations can be made to fully support the child.  Failure to provide relevant information may result in the child’s application being invalid.

Families should be aware that students needing additional learning requirements will have additional charges above the tuition.  These charges will be determined after a full evaluation of student needs. The charges will be posted according to the different levels of support needed. To view the Dubai Inclusive Education Policy Framework, please click HERE.


NIS believes good student behavior as a fundamental conduct in enabling the whole of the school community, the best learning experience possible. Children are aware of our expectations regarding their behavior, to foster good manners, politeness and consideration for others.  In NIS, we are instilling moral values, religious respect, tolerance for other races and backgrounds.

Parents play a vital role in reinforcing good behavior and we work in partnership with all parents to support a consistent ‘same language approach’ at school and home.

Medical Records

The school requires current and accurate information regarding your child’s medical requirements. It is the parents’ responsibility to notify the school of any change in circumstances. Our school clinic requires records of previous medical treatments, allergies, and immunization upon registration.

Waiting Lists

Where a grade level is at capacity, a child may be placed on the waiting list. The parent will be contacted if a place becomes available, and if a place is offered it must be accepted within 7 days.

Working Together

At NIS we believe in working collaboratively with all parents in order to empower our children to reach their full potential.  An open & honest communication is the foundation of all relationship that we nurture in our school.  Each child is a unique individual and all concerns, likes, dislikes, worries, skills or needs should be shared with the school. The more we know about your child and your family, the better we will be in helping your child to settle in our school and thrive.

To view the KHDA admission policy. Please click HERE.


To learn more about our admissions process please click HERE, alternatively you can email or call 04 885 3330. We are happy to answer your questions.

We look forward to welcoming your child to NIS.

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