Our Mission, Vision & Core Values

Amazing learning, global vision and a true sense of community are the fundamentals that provide students with the tools they need to turn passion into purpose and influence.

The NIS mission, vision and core values arise globally from the International Schools Partnership (ISP) network of schools and is supported by the NEASC ACE ethos.


Students develop a sense of themselves, as well as the world around them. By making connections within and between cultures, NIS opens the hearts and minds of students so they embrace challenges and opportunities, share ideas and purpose, and truly influence others to make a positive difference.


To empower the next generation of global leaders who can excel anywhere in the world.

TORCH Values


Our students and community are encouraged to follow our TORCH values and demonstrate them in everyday life. We ignite the TORCH of Learning as we strive to be – tolerant, organized, respectful, caring and honest.

Core Values

NIS believes that each individual has a unique potential to amaze. Our goal is to nurture that potential to ensure our students learn, lead and inspire so that the world becomes a better place.

Our core values are the foundations that enable:

  • Creative Thinkers: Create dynamic and technology enabled risk-takers who can innovate and lead their own learning journey.
  • Aspirational and Adaptable Learners: Consistently challenged by high standards and aspired to strengthen their skills.
  • Reflective Learners: Become active participants in a lifelong learning process, fostering curiosity, creativity and an on-going cycle of self-improvement.
  • Effective Communicators: Empower responsible and respectful citizens to voice their own opinion and express themselves in various situations and mediums.