Our students, teachers and parents have some great things to say about NIS



Nibras is amazing for us! When we moved from Brazil to Dubai, Geovanna spoke little English. We talked to the school about it and got great support from them. In just months, Geovanna was already speaking English and could communicate by herself. She joined Nibras at KG2, and today she is in Grade 3. Her English gets better every day. Nibras has a team of excellent professionals, with great teachers who captivated our daughter ever since. Teaching quality is very good, and we see this through the development of our daughter. She excelled in French, Arabic, and English. This is enormous satisfaction and pride for us because we know that she achieved it by her merit and effort, and through the professionals that Nibras has. We can only thank Nibras for everything.
Parent of child in Grade 3
We started our journey with NIS in the last term of KG2 for my elder son. He was in a CBSC curriculum school till then. We have witnessed an amazing transformation in him since then; in his studies and in him as a person. The school's best feature is the open culture it has towards parent - teacher interaction. Because of this we received timely updates on areas that needed our attention. The teachers and curriculum supports independent thinking, and overall development of the child. We did not have to think twice when looking for a school for our second child!
Parent of child in Grade 3 and KG2
Both of my children attend elementary school at Nibras. My daughter joined three years ago, and now she is in Grade 3, and my son is in KG2. The teachers here are amazing and take the time to notice what each child likes and needs. It's a gift! Each one of my children has received the help they needed and has excelled in their education. Also, all the staff is amazing and very welcoming!
Parent of child in Grade 3 and KG2
Both of my children are happy with Nibras, and that's what matters the most. I can see they are eagerly going to school to meet their teachers, and proudly present their drawings and tests. It's reassuring to see teachers' dedication to the children. They adapt to every child's needs and try their best to keep us informed about their progress and potentials. This year has been very challenging. Online learning was something new and we all struggled with it, but I really appreciate the effort I have seen on the school's side. Besides technical issues, most of the learning was very well structured, and clear. Teachers adapted very quickly, and the school was understanding and supportive.Most importantly, I see my children progressing. My son is amazing in Arabic and I'm sure he will soon start to teach me, while my daughter's English improves daily.
Parent of children in KG1 and Grade 2
Nibras has exceeded our expectations! We enrolled our son Zach from Grade 2 at Nibras. Zach used to study at an IB school, so we were concerned about the transition. The dedicated teachers at Nibras made his transition smooth. We are so happy with Zach's ability to think critically, which is improving daily. He is engaged and always happy to go to school. Nibras, being an American curriculum school, has a strong emphasis on an all-rounded education, so we noticed that Zach's strong interest in sports and arts is well supported. The diversity of the student body is also a big plus at Nibras. We would highly recommend Nibras to any parent looking for a great school that supports every child equally.
Parent of a child in Grade 3


After spending 12 years at Nibras, it doesn’t only feel like a school it now feels like my second home. The environment here, at Nibras, is very friendly and positive. I believe that a nurturing and caring environment is exactly what all students need in a school, which is why I want to come to school every day. All my teachers are very supportive and are always there to help me, whether it is academically or emotionally. In every class, I am motivated to learn something new and to collaborate with my classmates to get work done. I come to Nibras everyday not only ready to learn, but ready to improve myself, my skills and to grow into a better version of myself.
NIS Dubai Student Testimonial - Maya Maklad
NIS Student
My name is Mohammad. I transferred this school year from Dubai International Private School to NIS. I wanted to shift from IB curriculum to American Curriculum. My parents and I chose NIS because it offers American Curriculum and it is NEASC Accredited which will help my college applications in the USA when I go to University. NIS also offers an Advanced Placement Program (AP courses) which will also benefit me for when I pursue University. I am very happy in my school because I can feel that my teachers only want the best for us and having teachers who are open-minded and very approachable who care for us make me feel like they are family to me.
NIS Student
My name is Zhasminfrom. I like going to school because I like learning and having fun at the same time. I did not finish school last year because we thought we will go back to our home country but when we stayed my parents still choose NIS to be my school. I also like seeing and greeting Mr. Mike in the morning every day at the gate.
NIS Student