By John Malone, Nibras School Counselor, March 2018

In December our Grade 6-9 students took a KHDA well-being survey on the students’ overall wellbeing in our school. The aim of this survey was to get a sense of the students’ happiness, security, learning and contentment in the school.

Long term the KHDA will focus more on student wellbeing, so our school counselor attended a workshop to assist the school in unpacking the results of the survey.

I am happy to say that overall we had some very positive results in some key areas. When it comes to happiness and optimism the results showed that a majority of our students are happy at school and home, and have an optimistic outlook on life.

Another key area the survey showed positive results in is connectedness with adults at school and emotional engagement with teachers. This means most students feel they have an important adult in the school they can speak with and have a good connection with most of their teachers.

Academically the results showed that students are confident in their leaning and their ability learn new concepts.

When it comes to the students’ social wellbeing there were positive results around friendship intimacy and peer belonging. This shows most of our students feel they have good friends at school and are welcomed into their peer groups.

The area of safety also brought back some very positive results, with our students expressing they feel safe and protected in our school.

Overall the results of this survey gave us an opportunity to take a look at what the school is doing well and some things we can improve on. As a school the students well- being is very important to us, and we aim to help students flourish and foster strong relationships with their peers and their teachers. We want all of our students to feel safe and protected, and welcome this survey an opportunity to help our school grow.

You can see the full survey in full by clicking this link.