NIS’ KG Program develops the students’ independence and communication and social skills. Each student is positively challenged with differentiated learning goals.

The curriculum is organized around thematic units that are differentiated based on interests. This ‘inquiry-based learning’ encourages every student’s innate sense of curiosity and skills of learning through exploration.

We inspire our children to learn through fun, experiential learning opportunities inside and outside of school. Field trips are organized at least once a term to extend children’s knowledge and understanding of the selected theme. The school is well equipped and has a range of facilities such as a garden, learning zone and playing fields. This environment allows our children to flourish and to develop critical thinking skills as well as social and academic competence.

We evaluate each child’s progress in all areas and set goals based on regular assessment. Parents are regularly informed of their child’s progress through diverse means of communication, including weekly Parent Connection letters, online portfolios, monthly newsletters and regular parent-teacher conferences.

Parent involvement is critical at this stage and we encourage you to take an active role in your child’s early development.

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Nibras International School  +971 4 8853330  Dubai Investment Park P.O.Box: 54084