What qualities and characteristics would you say define your school?

NIS emphasizes family and community values, with close teacher, parent and student relationships. The school also has a truly international focus and its American curriculum ensures educational excellence and a student-centered approach to learning.

How many nationalities are represented in your school?

We celebrate the fact that there are over 82 different nationalities within the school.

Is your school diverse?

We are lucky to enjoy a mix of nationalities; however, our predominant ethnic group is Arab.

What is the teacher: student ratio in your school?

The teacher:student ratio is on average 1:20.

How does your school promote healthy lifestyles?

The school promotes a healthy lifestyle by providing well-balanced meals and nutritious snacks at the cafeteria. Parents are also encouraged to pack only healthy food and snacks for the children.

Health and fitness is a key focus at NIS. In addition to the school’s physical education program, we also run initiatives such as an exciting athletics program and plan to participate in a Dubai-based fitness contest this spring.

Does the school have cafeteria facilities for the students?

Yes. It offers a variety of healthy, nutritious food. Lunches are provided every day and snacks are available to middle and high school students during morning break.

What is the start and finish time of your school day?

The school day starts at 7:50am and finishes at 2:35pm. Please click here to see the structure of the school day by stage.

Is there a school uniform?

We want students to feel a sense of pride and belonging during their time at NIS and to feel part of the NIS family. The NIS school uniform is a key part of this. The standard school uniform is compulsory for all students from KG1 to Grade 12. This includes a student PE Kit. In addition, students should maintain a modest, neat and clean appearance at all times. School uniforms should be purchased from the school uniform store.

Please advise on your discipline policy?

The school has a code of conduct that was developed in consultation with students and parents. It has been instrumental in increasing the stability of the school and in decreasing the number of discipline referrals. Additionally, we believe good conduct should be rewarded, and so we run an incentive program for good behavior.

How do you provide feedback on progress and attainment to students and parents?

Parents are kept abreast of student progress and attainment through the regular communication within the SIS portal (Global Campus), email, and personal formal and informal communication with teachers.

How often is the more formal feedback such as reports and parent/teacher meetings?

Parent-teacher meetings are scheduled termly. Additionally, parents are welcome to make appointments with teachers and administrators to discuss academic and non-academic issues. Parent and teacher interaction opportunities are also a part of the school year during special events on campus.

What is your medium of instruction?

English is considered an internationally accepted language and is used as the primary medium of instruction in all core courses.

Is Arabic taught as both a first language and second language in your school?

Arabic is taught as a second language for all Arabic speakers for Grade 1-12 and Non-Arabic speakers for Grade 1-9.

Which other languages are offered at NIS?

English, Arabic and French are offered.

Do you offer EAL or TEFL support for those students where English is not their first language?

Yes, we have an EAL Program to support students who have limited or no English language proficiency.

We have an intensive English-language learning program that provides intervention in developing reading, writing, listening and speaking. The program aims to enable students to positively engage in classrooms where the medium of instruction is English.

Is Islamic Education/Studies for the Arab Muslim students delivered in Arabic for them?

Islamic Studies is delivered in Arabic to Muslim Students in Arabic language and in English for all non-Arab Muslim students.

Do you have a dedicated prayer room/s for the Muslim students?

Yes, we have a spacious separated prayer rooms for both male and female students. They are used to practice the daily prayers, learn Quran and for other Religious activities.

If external examinations and assessments are part of your curriculum, which ones do you offer?

NIS complies with the KHDA requirement of four (4) external assessments targeting specific grade levels. We administer these assessments beyond the KHDA requirements by including grade levels not stated in the KHDA mandate. We use CAT4, MAP, SAT and PSAT.

MAP is used as our entrance exam and is administered three times per year to measure progress. We have declared that SAT is a graduation requirement and provides an incentive for students to work hard to achieve a high score.

Do you develop independent learning through homework and, if so, what are your recommendations regarding this, particularly time spent on homework?

At NIS, we recognize that student learning extends beyond the school day whether informally or formally via the completion of homework.  However, in line with current educational research, homework is not view universally as a vital component in the learning process.  Homework is assigned to remediate when necessary, strength students’ understanding of content and to provide an avenue for additional practice and expose to course concepts.

The amount of homework assigned varies per phase level and subject level. However, all homework assignments are posted on the parent portal so that parents are aware of these requirements.

How do you support gifted, able and talented students?

NIS has an exciting student support program in development for gifted students. Such students are identified based upon external assessments and are invited to join a Problem Based Learning (PBL) program. These students range in grade level from 6-12 and work collaboratively to complete the program.

Students in grade 5 or lower who are identified as gifted or talented are supported with extension activities appropriate to their phase level.

We endeavor to encourage all students at NIS to achieve at the highest level possible. In the event that a student demonstrates exceptional skill in an area, an Advanced Learning Plan (ALP) may be created with goals and objectives that positively challenge their abilities.

Do you have a learning support team in your school?

NIS has a full-time learning support team which includes the guidance counselor, respective phase leader representation, teachers and academic learning support personnel.

Not all schools are staffed or resourced to offer learning support to those children with either moderate or significant learning needs. To what level can you offer support for those with learning differences?

NIS has a full-time academic learning support team. There are SEN support specialists and EAL support specialists. They communicate with parents and collaborate with the classroom teacher regularly regarding best practices and strategies that support student progress.

Does your school have particular expertise in dealing with a specific learning need such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, aspergers syndrome and so forth?

Yes.  NIS has a Student Support Team (SST) that is comprised of education professionals dedicated to leveling the play field for students with special needs.  Students who are identified as needing support in order to be successful are provided accommodations or modifications as indicated on their respective individualized education plan.

Do you have a parents’ group supporting the school?

NIS is currently developing a parent support group to assist the school in project-led initiatives. The group consists of parents across all phases who come together with the principal to discuss issues and concerns. We truly value Parental involvement in this way, and if you’re able to consider joining this group, please contact us.

Are there opportunities for parents to support the learning, activities and events within the school or on trips other than through the parent group?

The parents of NIS students are welcome on campus at any time and we actively encourage this. We are very appreciative when parents are able to help on field trips or with the production of special events on campus (national day, international day, etc.).

Is there an opportunity for Parental representation on your school Board of Governors?

The NIS Board of Governors is currently under development, as the school was recently purchased by a well-respected educational organization, International Schools Partnership (ISP). Parents have been invited to serve on the advisory board of the school to provide input and stay abreast of significant changes and happenings at the school.   There was parent representation at the first Advisory Board meeting held in April 2017.

Do you offer specific activities, events or information sessions for those Parents new to the school and/or area?

NIS provides several opportunities for parents to become acquainted with the school. This year, open meetings and coffee mornings were held to discuss or to disseminate information on MAP, SAT, college board, curriculum, change of ownership of the school (2x), international trips for students and other topics.


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