Safe at school with Nibras International School

COVID Safety Protocols

Dear NIS Community: 

Nibras International School continues its change journey this coming school year. Aspiring to be a more rigorous international school, a highly respected international school globally, and the school of choice in our local region, we are more determined to reach these goals this school year.  

We have demonstrated these aspirations during the past school year, by completing two concrete and strategic actions on behalf of our entire school community. Our teachers undergoing a thorough appraisal program to determine their commitment to rigorous instruction and pedagogy, helped us identify the best educators Nibras could have as it moves forward. The next step was not easy, but our worldwide search to attract the best educators from other international schools has strengthened our instructional community. With these new staff members, we have valued our conversations about passion and commitment and our common moral obligation regarding teaching. Influential leaders believe that the quality of strength and dedication shown by every staff member, determines how the learning community will be nurtured. 

This school year, we remain committed to continuing our change journey by sharing our evolving educational philosophy, and with the aim of making Nibras International School the School of Choice in the area and different from other schools in the region.

This school year’s focus on “Teach to Understand” positions Nibras International School to be an authentic American International Curriculum School. We are dedicated to sharpening student comprehension and thinking skills so that they can become the most effective community leaders here at home, and in the world. Fully grounded on the American thinking principles, Nibras commits to connecting with its immediate communities and beyond to explore, design, and act on socially and globally relevant student topics of interest through their units of inquiries. Additionally, our learning community remains respectful and fully committed to the UAE’s National Agenda.

With our academic plans, social-emotional support programs, and safety protocols entirely in place, Nibras International School is looking forward to welcoming everyone on campus. Let this school year begin. 

Together, we will explore why and how we “Teach to Understand.” Let us continue our journey to define our new Nibras International School community.  

Best Regards, 

Dr. Jay B. Teston 

Head of School / Principal 

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